Laura Schurink is a Rotterdam based composition artist who graduated in fashion design in 2015. After realizing that she did not want to participate in the fashion industry due to its toxic work ethic and environmental pollution, she started to find her inspiration in the objects she found at second-hand shops. Nowadays, Laura specializes in sculptures, installations and collages, through which you can still clearly see her fashion background. Her works are mainly created out of used materials, which makes every piece unique and sustainable.
Laura's compositions are playful experiments to find new aesthetics with the perfect balance between colour, shape, material, and texture. She places second-hand components out of their context to participate in new constructions, which reflect the beauty that she sees in these materials. The history of textures that the materials possess give her works a natural charm and a sense of spontaneity. With her colorful sculptures Laura shows how recycling can be used as a fun design tool, that can spark creativity and playfulness.

As a critical reference to her fashion background, every artwork is named after the season in which the sculpture is created (A/W_2020). Fashion designers are expected to make a collection every season, which creates creative and mental pressure on the artists. Laura makes only a couple of artworks every season, and though these references, she wants to emphasize the time needed to create sustainably.

Laura's sculptures are light and playful. If you come close, you might distinguish the appropriated objects that she cleverly uses. She makes use of a distinct colour palette that invites you into her world that you will never want to leave.