Laura Schurink is a Rotterdam based young composition artist. She specializes in sculpture art, installations and collage.

During her Bachelor in Fashion Design at the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam Laura discovered her passion for compositions. After graduating she began to express her fascination to find the perfect balance between colour, shape, texture and material in collage techniques and sculpture art. Though still clearly showing her fashion background. Every work is a new experiment to create a playful and aesthetic composition. Laura finds her main inspiration by playing around with materials and in her frequent visits to thrift shops. She collects second-hand objects and components, which she places out of their context to participate in a new construction. This makes every work a unique piece. With her playful compositions Laura shows the beauty that she sees in re-using the objects that others dispose of.




                          Interview : Susan Bijl Blog
                          Inside The New Shopping Bag x Laura Schurink

                      Viva Magazine NL nr. 25 Juni 2019